• Winter am Scharmützelsee,

        Picture: Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import/Yorck Maecke Winter am Scharmützelsee, Picture: Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import/Yorck Maecke
    Winter in Brandenburg

    What to do and where to go.

    What to do and where to go.

Winter in Brandenburg Perfect escape and outdoor paradise

It is peaceful in the region around Berlin. Time slows down in the autumn and winter. Migrating birds fill the sky with song. Go on a walk or a hike, stay in a secluded cottage, or indulge yourself from breakfast through to dinnertime in your hotel. Use the hotel´s wellbeing facilities or seek out a thermal spa. Soak up the warmth.

Experience the quiet side of Brandenburg, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. When it´s cold and snow is falling, it is the perfect time for a winter break.

Discover the winter wonderland Brandenburg.

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Highlights of winter in Brandenburg

Paar in der SaarowTherme
Paar in der SaarowTherme, Picture: Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import/Steffen Lehmann

Enjoy Spa and Wellbeing

Outside cold and grey, inside warm and cosy. Brandenburg´s thermal spas are the perfect place to enjoy autumn and winter. Good weather guaranteed.

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Winter am Scharmützelsee
Winter am Scharmützelsee, Picture: Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import/Yorck Maecke

Charming winter specials to escape

After a relaxing day, indulge yourself in your hotel in the evening. Treat yourself to something special. Why not stay in a castle or a hotel by the lake?

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Get inspired by nature ...

Frost-covered fields and forests. A cold winter sky radiating over the meadows. The air is fresh and invigorating. Out of doors at last! Burn off your energy on a walk, a cycling tour or a canoeing trip. Wrap up warmly and head out into the countryside – to the Schorfheide, the Spree Forest, the Havelland or the Fläming region. Enjoy nature at the quietest time of the year, then afterwards warm up by the fireplace. This is time out spent in Brandenburg.

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This is what a rural break in Brandenburg sounds like:

Paddeltour Lychen Paddeltour Lychen, Picture: Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import/Hendrik Silbermann

Canoeing in winter can be a very rewarding challenge. Try it out on the Havel or Spree rivers – or on a lake.

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Lenzerwischetour Lenzerwischetour, Picture: TMB Tourismus-Marketing Brandenburg GmbH/Madlen Krippendorf

When the paths are free of snow, hop on your cycle for a Brandenburg tour. Where will the ride take you?

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Wandern am Binenbach an der Boltenmühle Wandern am Binenbach an der Boltenmühle, Picture: Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import/Frank Liebke

Go hiking, running or walking: discover art, climb peaks or set out on a pilgrimage. You can do all of this – all year round.

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