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    Ort: Brandenburg an der Havel
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Havelland Land by the river

“Ribbeck im Havelland” is known to many people from a famous poem by the Prussian author and poet Theodor Fontane called “Herr von Ribbeck auf Ribbeck im Havelland", telling the story of the nobleman Ribbeck. Apart from that, the Havelland is rich in legends and poems about palaces and gardens, churches and monasteries, and about the “Cradle of the March” in the cathedral town of Brandenburg an der Havel. In many spots, the Havel River resembles a scenic lakeland. Everywhere, rafts, house boats or canoes are gliding through the water. Germany's first star-gazing park offers an El Dorado for hobby astronomers because nowhere else but here is the sky so pitch-black at night.

Let's go! We show you how to spend the perfect day in the Havelland, give you tips and recommendations surrounding your vacation and reveal the best highlights you don't want to miss.

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Paradise for nature lovers, fans of aquatic sports and skippers

In the Havelland, the Havel connects Berlin with Potsdam and Brandenburg an der Havel. The river covers a distance of nearly 150 km from Berlin’s northwest to the mouth of the Elbe River at Havelberg. The river course is distinguished by its large chains of lakes, vast meanders and islands. An ideal territory for aquatic sports: Here, anglers, yachtsmen, rowers and canoeists can find the perfect water conditions.

Charming waterside palaces and gardens of Prussian heritage are found in Potsdam and Caputh. Alongside the Havel River, there is also a cycling path offering fantastic views of this extraordinary lake paradise around Potsdam and Brandenburg. Away from Potsdam, Werder and Brandenburg an der Havel, the path leads you to the former training ground of flight pioneer Otto Lilienthal who made his first flight attempts in Stölln. Here is where you can visit the IL62 Interflug aircraft (called Lady Agnes), rebuilt to house a museum and learn about Otto Lilienthal. A stopover here is really worthwhile!

Further north, by the riverside landscape of the “Untere Havelniederung”, the Havel River flows through mostly pristine stretches of the Westhavelland Nature Park and branches out into many tributaries. In autumn, the Westhavelland Nature Park turns into a roosting spot for tens of thousands of migratory birds.

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On a discovery journey like Fontane

Theodor Fontane used to take pleasure in his encounters with the people and the history of the land and recounted them in his “Wanderings”. Charming palaces and gardens like Caputh and Paretz can be found in the immediate surroundings of the federal capital Potsdam.

Located right at the “Havelland-Radweg” cycling path (not to be confused with the “Havelradweg”) is the quaint village of Ribbeck, which has gained fame for many generations all over the world since Fontane’s poem. Follow the traces of the pear everywhere in the village and savour culinary delights such as the legendary pear cake at the Alte Waschhaus.

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