• Boot auf dem Wolziger See,

        Picture: Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import/Frank Liebke Boot auf dem Wolziger See, Picture: Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import/Frank Liebke
    Dahme-Seenland - your holiday region
    Ort: Königs Wusterhausen
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Dahme-Seenland Water paradise southeast of the capital

The Dahme-Seenland is often referred to as “Berlin’s Front Yard”. By all means, the landscape south of the capital, characterised by a vast and curvy heathland traversed by the “Dahme” River, can be considered “typically Brandenburg”. Surrounded by pine forests, many lakes and natural beaches turn the Dahme-Seenland into a paradise for all those who enjoy going on a houseboat, canoe, surfboard or water ski. Being located in the vicinity of the airport, the Dahme-Seenland is also at the gates of Brandenburg and Berlin.

Let's go! We show you how to spend the perfect day at Dahme-Seenland, give you tips and recommendations for vacation and reveal the best highlights you don't want to miss. What is there to see?


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What is there to see?

One of Brandenburg's most phenomenal natural landscapes consists of 70 lakes connected by rivers, streams, and canals which form an extensive and unspoilt water maze. Immerse in nature’s tranquillity while navigating through this natural water paradise on a canoe, house or motorboat around Dahme tucked between Berlin and the Spreewald Forest.

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Focus on Dahme River

  • Radler und Boot an der Dahme Radler und Boot an der Dahme, Picture: Tourismusverband Dahme-Seenland e.V./Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import

The DahmeRadweg (cycling path) is ideal for exploring the region by bike. Experienced bike enthusiasts will be challenged by the 120-km bike tour on the paved cycling path of DahmeRadweg. Those who prefer to ride at a more leisurely pace will go on a bike tour of several days by following the course of the river from its head to the mouth in Berlin-Köpenick. This allows for enough sightseeing time along the way.

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Mecca for water rats

The many natural beaches appeal to outdoor fans. Whether at Teupitzer See, Zeuthener See in Eichwalde or at Wolziger See in Kolberg: the great water quality guarantees fun in the water. Not surprisingly, the Dahme-Seenland is considered an El Dorado for water enthusiasts in terms of sailing, surfing, water skiing or stand-up paddling.

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  • Sprung in den See im Strandbad Kallinchen Sprung in den See im Strandbad Kallinchen, Picture: Tourismusverband Fläming e.V./Jedrzej Marzecki

Woodlands of the March, unspoilt natural paradises

The Dahme-Heideseen Nature Park is ideal for a day trip to explore the towns of Teupitz, Groß Köris and Prieros, and many other quaint villages. The forests, lakes and rivers of the March turn the Nature Park into a very special aquatic experience. The vast heathland traversed by Dahme River with its many rare plants and indigenous animal species such as terrapins and ospreys makes the Dahme-Heideseen a nature preserve. Fun activities include guided hiking tours or bike tours, nature explorations with a tour guide or charabanc rides, as well as horseback-riding, golfing, hiking or cycling. Learn about the history and regional traditions at the Heimatmuseum Prieros.

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What other activities are there?

 Palaces, museums and technical monuments attest to the region's national and industrial history. While discovering Prussian history, you will come across the Soldier King’s palace in Königs Wusterhausen, where King Frederick Wilhelm I. held his legendary tobacco gatherings. This is where he founded his imperial guard made up of tall young men referred to as “Lange Kerls” or tall lads. In 1913, Emperor William II. held his last royal hunt in the town of Dubrow near Königs Wusterhausen.

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Schloss Königs Wusterhausen im Herbst Schloss Königs Wusterhausen im Herbst, Picture: Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import/Frank Liebke

On air for some 100 years

  • Sender- und Funktechnikmuseum Königs Wusterhausen Sender- und Funktechnikmuseum Königs Wusterhausen, Picture: Tourismusverband Dahme-Seenland e.V./Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import

While in Königs Wusterhausen, pay the “Sender- und Funktechnikmuseum” a visit, a museum about Germany's broadcasting and radio technology. In 1920, the first live concert aired, giving birth to Germany’s national radio broadcasting.

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Why bother flying to the South Sea?

Being in the Dahme-Seenland, you won't miss the tropical fun: At Tropical Islands, the world’s largest indoor rainforest, an extraordinary swimming experience is guaranteed.

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  • Südseestrand im Tropical Islands Südseestrand im Tropical Islands, Picture: Fotograf / Lizenz - Media Import/Roland Keusch
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