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Uckermark Immerse yourself in serene nature paradises

The Uckermark, located in Brandenburg’s northeast, lies approx. 80 km away from Berlin. "The North's Tuscany", if you wish, is a sparsely populated region characterised by its many forests, lakes and hills. As such, it proves ideal for metropolitans seeking a secret retreat.

Quaint little villages, cobblestone streets, and tiny lakes nestled in the hilly landscape seem reminiscent of times past. Two thirds of the domestic natural landscapes are specially protected. Discover the original Uckermark and its characteristic features – easily realised by bike, canoe or by foot.

Let's go! We show you how to spend the perfect day at Uckermark, give you tips and recommendations surrounding your vacation and reveal the best highlights you don't want to miss.

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Secret retreats for metropolitans

The Uckermark is Germany’s most sparsely populated county. Artists and creative minds in particular are drawn to this part of Germany where they can find a quiet and secluded environment. There is enough space to realise creative dreams. Those dreams often manifest themselves in art studios, cheese, jam or apple manufactures. Sometimes they turn into award-winning holiday farms where guests can spend the night in a climate-neutral environment.

The Uckermark has earned a reputation for its climate-friendly holiday offers and fresh regional products. It has also been awarded for its sustainable development as far as tourism is concerned.

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Discover serene nature paradises

The Unteres Odertal National Park, the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve and Uckermärkische Seen Nature Park shape the local landscape. Feel the tranquil nature while canoeing at Naturpark Uckermärkische Seen around the town of Lychen.

Watch tens of thousands of migratory cranes taking rest in the Unteres Odertal Nature Park on their flight to the southern hemisphere – in one of Europe’s last unimpaired landscapes of river meadows – for an extraordinary spectacle. Another natural gem of the UNESCO World Heritage is the Buchenwald Grumsin (Beech Forest) in the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Rerserve.

For a special experience, go on a canoe trip at the Uckerseen, with Germany’s largest connected reed area between the lakes Unter- and Oberrucksee. Enjoy a walk or bike ride on the seaside promenade in Prenzlau and climp the 234 steeps of the tower of St. Marien church in the centre to have a great view over the wide region Uckermark.

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