Coronavirus: Travel Activity during the Pandemic

As in all other German states, public life in Brandenburg will be largely shut down from January 9 due to the Corona pandemic. Initially until end of January, the following provisions laid down by the government in their “Eindämmungsverordnung” apply in Brandenburg.

Physical contact with other persons is to be reduced to an absolute minimum and the circle of persons is to be kept as constant as possible. The general hygiene rules and recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Center for Health Education for the prevention of infections are to be observed. Travel within Germany and abroad that is not absolutely necessary is strongly discouraged.

Entering the public space
Outside of private space, a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other persons must always be maintained (distance requirement); if it is not possible to maintain the minimum distance, a face mask should be worn.

The movement radius is limited for tourist trips, sports and outdoor exercise to a 15-kilometer radius around the respective county / city if there is a 7-day incidence of more than 200. The decisive factor is the current incidence value, which is reported by the country on a daily basis.

Private gatherings with family, friends or acquaintances are only permitted with one other person not living in the household. Children up to the age of 14 are exempt from this rule.

Providers of accommodation, including camping and caravan sites, private and commercial bed and breakfast properties, holiday homes an apartments are not allowed to accommodate leisure travellers. 

This means that hotels and guesthouses may stay open only for those travelling on business or for other essential reasons and must remain closed to tourists. Each business must implement its own individual hygiene plan.

This rule does not apply to holiday homes and apartments which are rented out for a minimum of one year and are not only used temporarily.

Hospitality venues such as restaurants, pubs, bars etc. must remain closed, but can still provide takeaway and delivery services.

Shops of every kind must remain closed, except grocery stores, drugstores and pharmacies.

Coach tours, city tours, boating excursions and similar tourism activities are prohibited.

Entertainment events, in which more than two households or more than five people from more than one household take part, are prohibited. Children aged 14 or younger are not taken into account.

Face masks must now also be worn in all public buildings and places, including for example, banks, post offices, government buildings, hospitals etc. This also applies to outdoor locations where a lot of people are gathered in a confined space or spend more time, for example at outdoor markets or in pedestrian zones. Places and times at which restrictions apply are determined by the local authorities.

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Holidays in Brandenburg: Safe for sure!

  • Desinfektionspender im Hotel Desinfektionspender im Hotel, Picture: TMB-Fotoarchiv/Steffen Lehmann

Hospitality with Responsibility

When it comes to planning a vacation, each and everyone's health is the guiding principle. Our Brandenburg “Hospitality with Responsibility” seal provides the right kind of guidance, whether digitally or directly at your destination.

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