Coronavirus: Travel Activity during the Pandemic Day Trips and Travel to Brandenburg in times of Corona

Information on safe travel to All Around Berlin!

The government of Brandenburg has agreed upon to open tourism and gastronomy to the public. 

Since the infection numbers are significantly declining in Brandenburg, the government of Brandenburg has decided on the new „Verordnung über den Umgang mit dem SARS-CoV-2-Virus und COVID-19 in Brandenburg" (Regulation on how to interact with SARS-CoV-2-Virus and COVID in Brandenburg).

This means apart from few limitations much is allowed to do again. The new regulation is to enter into force from 16. Juni 2021 until in the first instance to 31. July 2021.


What you need to know for the planning of your holidays or excursions:

• The general rules of hygene need to be stricly met.

• The minimum distance of 1,5 metres between people outside private rooms still apply.

• In public spaces there are no limitations of contacts at present.


Touristic Overnights: are possible without limitations.

For all overnight-hosts apply: As long as the seven-day-incidence in the county or city/town where the overnight takes place is underneath 20 – there is no testing needed.

Gastronomy: In outside areas of restaurants there is no testing necessary any more.

Inside a testing is not needed too, as long as the 7-Day-Incidence is stabil under 20.

Events Generally can take place to up to 1.000 Participants

(Pls note: Social distancing, Recording of personnel data. In addition to these inside-rules: Wearing of masks and for events and performances with entertainment-character testing, vaccination or proof of being recovered from COVID-Infection).

Wearing of masks is only obligatory inside like in shops, churches, when using public transport, in busses and changing rooms.

At performances, in theatres, concerts and cinemas no masks are to be worn if between firm seats there is a minimum distance of one metre.

Limitation of contacts at private parties or events:

Up to 100 guests can celebrate outside and up to 50 inside. Special occasions are f. i. Engagements or Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Inaugurations, Exam-Celebrations.

Diskos and Clubs can be opened again (Recording of personal data.

When Dancing is part of the inside event: Obligatory testing is necessary (no matter what regional incidence there is and no more guests than on per 10 squaremetre walkable area)

Inside Pools, lidos, Sauna and thermal baths as well as Wellness-Centres recording of personnel data to be able to trace contacts.

At outside of pools rules of social distancing apply. In changing rooms masks are to be worn. Testing is not necessary as long as the 7-Day-Incidence is stabil underneath 20.

Inside Playgrounds Personal data are to be recorded for contact tracing. For outside play areas social distancing applies and masks needs to be worn.

At sightseeing tours, trips with busses or boat-trips and similar touristic offers contact data are recorded for tracing of contacts if need be. It is necessary to stay on your seat during the drive and medical masks need to be worn inside. A testing is not necesssary as long as the 7-Day-Incidence is stabil under 20. In shops no recoding of personal data needs to be done.

Please take care of yourself and stay safe!

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Holidays in Brandenburg: Safe for sure!

  • Desinfektionspender im Hotel Desinfektionspender im Hotel, Picture: TMB-Fotoarchiv/Steffen Lehmann

Hospitality with Responsibility

When it comes to planning a vacation, each and everyone's health is the guiding principle. Our Brandenburg “Hospitality with Responsibility” seal provides the right kind of guidance, whether digitally or directly at your destination.

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