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The government of Brandenburg has agreed upon to open tourism and gastronomy partly to public again from the 21st May 2021. The opening can take place in cities and counties where the 7-day-incidence is on 5 consecutive days lower than 100. Restaurants and can be opened then two days after that. The current regulations are laid down in the Eindämmungsverordnung vom 11. Mai 2021. In these cases applies the following:

Restaurants may open their outside service areas.

• Pls. book a table / appointment (the reservation can also be made locally)

• Guests should be free of any COVID-19-symptoms and have to show a negative-test that is no older than 24 hours* (this does not apply for Kids under 6 years of age)

• For contact tracing your contact details as well as your Negative-Test is being recorded ( f. i. by App)

• At your table people of max. two households can be seated.

• Between tables of guests there has to be a minimum distance of 1.5 metres.


Touristic overnights are allowed in holiday homes and holiday flats, on camp sites and mobile homes as well as on houseboats with overnight opportunities. Guests should be free of any COVID-19-symptoms and have to show a negative-test prior check-in that is no older than 24 hours* (this does not apply for Kids under 6 years of age)

• The overnight might be shared by people of two households only.

• The overnight stopp must have private sanitary facilities.

• Common sanitary facilities as for instance on camp sites, remain closed.


Touristic offers such as sightseeing tours and boattrips are allowed to take place.

• As guests on boats you are to use outside seats only, guests should be free of any COVID-19-symptoms and have to show a negative-test that is no older than 24 hours* (this does not apply for Kids under 6 years of age)

• A medical mask has to be worn (FFP2 or similar). Leisure and themeparks, Zoos, Game Reserves and Botanic Gardens are opened

• Pls. book your visit prior your trip. Entrance access is limited and controlled. (does not apply for institutions which have outside areas for the public.

• For contact tracing your contact details are being recorded ( f. i. by App)

• A medical mask must be worn (FFP2 or similar)


Outside events and performances of theatres, concerts, and operas, cinemas and similar cultural instititions outside are allowed

• The visitor number is limited up to 100 people at the same time.

• Guests should be free of any COVID-19-symptoms and have to show a negative-test that is no older than 24 hours* (this does not apply for Kids under 6 years of age)


Easining of contact limits

• Meetings between two households are allowed, no matter how many people meet of these two households

• Fully vaccinated people of additional households can also join

• Informationen on Corona-Tests: The test must not be older than maximum 24 hours.

• The proof of the test must be in German, English, French, Italian or Spanish language in either digital or material way shown.

• The test itself needs to be done on the basis of so called In-Vitro-Diagnosis: for instance a PoC-Antigen-Quicktest by qualified staff (f. i. free of costs tests at testing stations) or locally under control of personnel an Antigen-Quicktesting (so called ordinary test). *since 9 May 2021 fully vaccinated persons are treated as people with negative tests.

• Fully vaccinated persons must show proof of their protection by vaccination (Entry at yellow vaccination-pass, a proof of a doctor or the vaccination centre). Certificates from abroad are acknowledged under the condition that the person is protected by a vaccine which has been approved by the EU. Depending on the vaccine there need to be one or two shots be given for full protection. The last vaccination needs to be past at least 14 days.

• Recovered persons need to show proof of a positive PCR-Test (or a similar nucleic acid proof), which is at least 28 days and maximum of six months old. Precondition is also that this only applies for people without any COVID-19-typical Symptoms.


From 3 June these eases are planned:

• Sanitary rooms and public toilets of camp sites will be opened

• Inside gastronomy (up to two households at one table) will be allowed

• Touristic offers (such as on boats) are allowed to use inside gastronomy

• Opening of lidos

• Outdoor events with up to 500 and inside events up to 200 guests will be allowed

• Cinema, theatre, concerts can take place – under which hygiene-rules yet has to be agreed upon

• Indoorplaygrounds can be opened


From the 11 June onwards these eases are planned:

• Hotels and B&Bs (without restrictions to the degree of capacity utilisation); pls. Note: if and under which conditions the wellnesspools and steam-baths of hotels can be used still needs to be agreed upon

• Thermal pools, solariums, inside swimming and fun pools will be opened

• Trade fairs and markets can be take place.

All of these eases are to be connected with certain hygiene regulations. Negative-Testing will be a must for all inside-areas. This also applies for the enabling of contact-tracing. Details are yet to be defined.



From a 7-Day-Incidence of more than 100 in counties or cities which state a 7-Day-Incidence of minimum 3 consecutive days with more than 100. This has to make known public by the relevant authority (the current incidence numbers can be viewed on the Corona-Dashboard). From the day of the official statement the following policies apply:

• Curfews from 10 pm until 5 am: being outside in public spaces without cause is not allowed.

• Limit of contacts: staying in public spaces is only allowed together with people of your own household and one further person of another household. Kids up to 14 years of age are not included. This limit of people does also apply for the execution of events with entertaining character as well as private parties and meetings.

• Retail: from an incidence of 100 to 150 shopping is allowed with a negative test and by appointment only („Click & Meet") in all retail shops, the only exception is food and drink/convinience stores.

• Culture and leisure-institutions: All culture and leisure-institutions have to be closed for the public: this includes Memorial sites, museums, exhibitions, galleries, public libraries as well as zoos, game reserves and botanic gardens. Is the incidence from the day of when these measures apply onwards lower on 5 consecutive days (weekend days included) than 100 in a county or city than two days later these measurements are to be expired.

Independent of the height of incidence these measurements remain to be in operation:

• The physical contacts to other people are to be reduced to an absolute minimum. Pls also keep the people you deal with as distant as possible. The general rules of hygiene of the Robert-Koch-Institut and the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung zur Vorbeugung von Infektionen ( apply and need to be followed.

• Outside of private spaces there has to be kept a minimum distance of 1.5 metres to other people (Social distancing); if this can not be done, a medical mask must be worn over nose and mouth! When using public transport medical masks need to be worn too (f. i. FFP2-Masks or similar).

Please take care of yourself and stay safe!

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When it comes to planning a vacation, each and everyone's health is the guiding principle. Our Brandenburg “Hospitality with Responsibility” seal provides the right kind of guidance, whether digitally or directly at your destination.

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